About Uday Arya

Uday Arya


I’m a Landscape, Fine Art and Travel photographer currently based in New York. I originally studied to be an engineer, though I have been principally drawn to photography, music and poetry.

     'Modern photography has become an art and, like all other arts, it can effectively express the inner feelings
     and the soul, with a true sense of beauty' - Mirra Alfassa 

My Journey as a photographer began in my teens when I borrowed my father’s battery-less Olympus Trip 35mm film camera. It had a beautiful steel body, and its 40mm lens was a great way to begin learning composition.

As I started to get more comfortable with technique, I experimented with different kinds of color and black and white film (both negatives and positives) before deciding to take a creative break from film photography. When I decided to re-engage, I went digital, and have since found it to be an immensely fluid and expressive medium. 

I have learned much from the works of Galen Rowell, Ansel Adams, and numerous outstanding contemporary photographers who have been generous in sharing their journeys. In this vast ocean of humbling work, I have added here my few precious drops. I am drawn in my photographic pursuits, to seek the elusive, but inevitable

        ‘Flamings of beauty into earthly shapes'

It is my continuous hope to find a steady stream of this infinite beauty everywhere I go, and I hope you will see it in some of my work.